Lawrence Semiconductor Research Laboratory, Inc. is a privately held corporation, founded in 1992. We supply custom epitaxial growth as a service for commercial organizations as well as for government and academic use. Our customers include Fortune 500 and international companies. We also supply research and development for new semiconductor materials.

Epitaxial technology is the key enabling technology for today's high performance devices. Applications include electronic, phototronic and other structures. Some of our epitaxial technology is being applied to micro machining of mechanical elements (such as precision thin membranes, accelerometers, and gyroscopes) in automotive, aerospace, and medical applications.

Areas of excellence in epitaxial growth include:

High yield, fast turnaround buried layer epi

Selective and non-selective Si1-x-yGexCy

Etch stop layers (SiGeB, SiGeBC, Si:B,SiGeC) Strained layer epitaxy
Silicon on Insulator (SOI) Novel Group IV materials
Silicon on Sapphire (SOS) Novel Group III and IV dopants
Selective epitaxial Silicon (SEG) Ge epi layers
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