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We support a wide array of customer applications and end markets, including advanced CMOS, power electronics, silicon photonics, MEMS sensors, infrared imaging, and quantum computing.

Silicon Photonics

  • Selective Ge for SWIR photodetectors and waveguides
  • Tensile strained Ge for extended cut-off wavelength photodetectors to shift from C to L band at 1.6um
  • SiGeSn for enhanced mobility hypercomputing, SWIR to MWIR (1.7-4um) photodetectors, LED and Lasers
  • Quantum Confinement Stark Effect (QCSE) with SiGe/Ge Multi Quantum Well structures for optical modulators
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Si-based Power Devices

  • Thick n-type doped Si drift layers for power devices
  • Thick PIN diodes for high power applications up to thousands of Volts
  • Carbon-Doped Si:B and Si:P to reduce dopant diffusion in PIN structures

MEMS Sensors

  • Poly silicon trench fill for through silicon vias (TSV)
  • Thick epi-poly for MEMS applications
  • Si:Ge:B stress tuning films for low bow low strain MEMS membranes
Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing

  • Si Electron Spin Qubit channel in Si/SiGe Quantum Well FET structure
  • Ge Hole Spin Qubit in Ge/SiGe QW FET structure
  • High Purity Silicon-28 Epi services; available as a blanket Epi layer or as part of a Quantum Well FET structure

Virtual Substrates

  • Thick graded buffer virtual substrate (TGB-VS) 
  • Thin constant composition virtual substrate (TCC-VS)
  • Reverse graded buffer layer virtual substrate (RGB-VS)
virtual substrate
SI-based devices

CMOS Logic & RF

  • Phosphorus doped Si for NMOS S/D stressor for enhanced mobility of n transistor channel
  • Boron doped SiGe S/D stressor for enhanced mobility of p transistor channel
  • Ge FETs on non-(100) substrates for high mobility FET channel
  • Silicon on sapphire (SOS)  for RF CMOS ICs and optoelectronics

Specialized Detectors

  • Homoepitaxial Ge diodes for hard x-ray detectors
  • Pure Boron on Si for EUV and VUV detectors
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